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Adam Grant


Find out what people say about my classes!

Leonard will coach you and focus on your technique. For people who attended his classes, will know that time spent with him is well spent and you will get your fruitful workout every time.

Peggy Woo

Never afraid to bare his teeth to ensure we do it right! Leonard's classes are tough yet encouraging! Definitely suitable for all ages and all gender.

Kenneth Tan

Loved your classes, I get to workout & release all the endorphins that perk my mind/mood. 🥰

Vivian Ho

I started my fitness journey since 2014. Was attending weekdays and weekends classes at Tampines FF, trying out different classes and came across Leonard’s classes. Love the way he cue and guide on getting the right technique. You will not regret attending his class.

Valerie Lim

You made me fall in love with Sh'bam™! I danced unabashedly in your class because I felt so comfortable with your cues and I love the vibe you delivered to the class. 💓💓

Ooi Seow Hoon