5 Content Types You Can Create And Monetise

5 Content Types You Can Create And Monetise

Covid-19 has forced many fitness professionals to rethink their strategies within the fitness industry. With no work, which means no income, many have had to pivot to work in a different industry or go online. And if you're coming online without a plan, that is the perfect plan for failure. So how about this:

Short term plan? Teach paid classes until the gyms and studios reopen.

Long term plan? Work on content monetisation to generate passive income that can keep coming in even after the gyms and studios reopen. Who doesn't like more income right? Especially since you have the time to do all that now.

Here are 5 types of content you can create for content monetisation:

1. Blog

If you have a penchant for writing, then this is the best outlet you can have. Share your passion and knowledge through writing. Find a topic you're interested about and write between 300 - 600 words. More would be better. Less would be bad.

2. Vlog

If you are not camera shy and you hate writing, video it down instead. You already have a good video camera in your pocket. Sit somewhere with a nice backdrop and lay it all out.

3. Video

Videos are watched on every platform and viewers have very high appetites for them. Step by step "how to" videos, livestreams, to teaching a full class online. Again, good for those who are not camera shy.

4. Photos

Take a photo of you in a pose. Take a photo of you looking at the sky. Take a photo of you holding a sandwich. Basically influencer style photos. It works for some. Not all. Just make sure you have good lighting and very good photoshop skills. I mean VERY GOOD photoshop skills.

5. Audio

Podcasts are a growing trend all around the world. With the rise of audio enabled speakers with Alexa, more and more people are listening to podcasts throughout the day. You can interview your colleagues or other fitness professionals on topics close to your heart and something that will interest your listeners.