5 Ways To Monetise Your Content

5 Ways To Monetise Your Content

Content creation is now an official way one can do to generate primary or passive income. This was a laughable idea 15 years ago, but fast forward to the recent years and you find a booming industry filled with influencers, internet celebrities, etc. who are raking in five to six figure salaries just for their content alone. A recent New York Times post revealed that a couple of twenty something year old girls had each taken home nearly US$500,000 last year for a podcast series that started in 2018.

From websites to videos, photos to podcasts, you can easily monetise your content no matter what form it comes in. Here's how:

1. Advertisements

Be it a website or a YouTube channel, showing advertisements is the easiest way where one can make up to thousands a month. Simply by placing a Google AdSense code in your website or have an advertisement play before your YouTube video, you get paid between 50 cents to $5 every time someone clicks on the ad.

Alternatively, you can also sell ad space in your website and podcast. Depending on the number of your clicks your website gets per month or the number of listeners you have for your podcast, you can sell advertisement space to interested companies looking to sponsor specific blog posts or podcast episodes. Typically, you can sell your advertisement space for $1 per 1,000 clicks/listeners. The larger your following, the more you can charge the companies.

2. Sponsored Posts

Once your channel reaches a reputable status, companies will come knocking on your door as they look for ways to feature their content. From supplements to hotel stays, fitness gadgets to fitness apps, companies who find you a good fit will request for you to review their products and services, and promote it via your channel.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another quick and easy way to generate some cash. What you want to do is to find products that you like and that complements your channel. You endorse the product and promote the product to your followers in your channel. If your followers like the product, they'll click on your affiliate link and the company splits a portion of the sales with you.

4. Sell Your Content

You have created a fitness system that works for your clients and you'd like to package that and sell it online. You can easily monetise it by selling it as an e-book, online coaching, merchandise or a webinar series. This can be packaged and sold via your channels, and you get paid immediately once your followers purchase your product.

5. Membership

Certain followers who feel deeply connected with your content will be willing to subscribe to your work. You generate recurring revenue from them by getting them to subscribe to a membership site which they pay per month. In return, you give them access to exclusive content or some behind the scenes experience. Or for $5/month you'll be teaching yoga 4 times a month to those who subscribe.