8 Reasons Why You Should Own A Website

8 Reasons Why You Should Own A Website

The more we rely on social media, the less reliable it seems to be, especially when it comes to business. Social media platforms are business first, members second. With organic reach decreasing, this makes it harder for your content to reach your target audience and makes it tough for them to get to know your upcoming work.

Which is why having your own website is crucial when it comes to content monetisation. Here are 8 reasons:

1. You play by your own rules

Social media platforms are what I consider as borrowed ground. You're renting the space and so you're obliged to follow what the landlord says and does. As such, it is always best to have your own base. Your ground zero. Your online home.

This is where you get to dictate your own rules and have full control of what you want to showcase.

2. Personal Branding

Your website showcases who you are. Your work, your past achievements, your accomplishments, etc. People can easily swing by and get a better understanding of who you are and the work that you do. Unlike the snippets of you they see in social media.

You can showcase your photography, your videos, your written work. Anything can be displayed, and they can be shown in great detail.

3. Increase Your Chance Of Employment

Having your work easily accessible allows potential employers to get in touch with you. Or someone may be looking for a personal trainer and feels that you're the right match for him/her. Having your own website will increase your opportunities.

4. Blogging

There are many blogging sites out there that you can use, but like the first point, they are borrowed ground. Having your own blog in your own website makes it easier for everyone to find your content.

Hate to write? Embed your latest YouTube videos or Podcast instead.

5. Monetise Your Content

Set up an account with Google AdSense and put banners in your blog and website. Good content = more people reading = more $$$.

6. Build Your Email List

As one of the communications channels, you can utilise your website to capture your visitors' email addresses and grow your email list. This helps you promote your latest blog posts, you can also let people know about an upcoming paid webinar you'll be conducting.

7. Stand Out From The Competition

While everyone is still busy trying to get ahead in social media, you can stand out from the crowd by having your own website. You'll now be able to connect with a wider network of people who don't use social media. How's that for standing out?

8. Nothing Is Cooler Than Saying Your Own Domain Name

Leonardkoh.sg. Now, say yours.