8 Steps To Plan For Your Next Workout Video

8 Steps To Plan For Your Next Workout Video

Planning a workout video can be a real pain. Recording the video is easy. Putting together the lesson plan though, that can be a real pain. What should I teach? What movements should I do? What if I made this too intense? Thinking about it in your head can get very messy, writing it down without a clear process can make you feel frustrated. And the time taken, don't get me started. 

If you're sitting there wondering what you should do for your workout video and you're facing a mental block, then let me simplify your thought process to create a lesson plan. Go through these 8 steps and you'll be ready for recording immediately. And this should take you less than 7 minutes.

1. Type

- What do I want to teach? Eg. Yoga, HIIT, Strength, Core, Cardio, etc.

2. Focus

What do I want my participants to achieve?

3. Length of Workout

- 5 minutes

- 10 minutes

- 15 minutes

- 20 minutes

- 30 minutes

- 45 minutes

- 60 minutes

- 75 minutes

- 90 minutes

4. Proficiency

- Beginner

- Intermediate

- Advance

- Multilevel

5. Format

- Repetition based

- Time based

6. Intensity

- Low

- Medium

- High

7. Equipment

- Yes

- If yes, what equipment will I be using today?

- No

8. Sequencing

Plan your movement patterns.

You are ready to script and record!