If You Have Time To Hate, You Have Time To Create

If You Have Time To Hate, You Have Time To Create

Circuit Breaker must have given some fitness trainers a lot of time. For one to sit down, watch some videos, and then post 62 Insta-stories to try and tear down a fitness influencer is astounding. Either you have too much free time (which I guess you did since everyone was on Circuit Breaker mode and the gyms weren't open), or you wanted to capitalize on what Greg Doucette did in April 2020.

Greg Doucette is a Canadian bodybuilder who did a 19 minutes YouTube video pointing out the inaccuracies and fallacies of Chloe Ting's videos. From wrong terminologies to strange nutritional advice, Greg, who is also a power weightlifting champ, looked like he was about to pop a vein or two whilst screaming into the camera as he dissected 2 Chloe Ting's videos. It was entertaining to watch, but that's about it. Greg probably earned a bit from the over 500,000 views of this video, and Chloe Ting probably got more views and followers thanks to him.

Back to Chin Nian Kang (NK) aka @dinokang who said, "I'm doing this to teach people how to identify BS." 62 Insta-stories worth. What a life saver you are. #slowclap. Please. Tell. Me. More. Said no one ever.

1. Nobody Likes A Showoff

No one does, except for himself/herself. Creating material that generates hate is easy. Tearing someone down is easy. Negative material is nuclear in social media platforms. Everyone loves a smackdown of WWE proportions. Does anyone think about you after that? Nah. You were just the flavor of the day. You're pretty much forgotten within 48 hours since most people's attention span is shorter than a goldfish.

It's the same for many instructors out there who share such content and laugh at other people's silliness. "I can do better than that", "Someone should show them how it is really done", "That's why people need to find professionals." Professionals like who? You? I don't see you doing anything but hide behind a computer screen acting almighty. All talk, no action makes you pretty much an empty vessel.

2. Create, Don't Hate

Chloe may not have gotten all the terminologies right, but she has gotten millions of sedentary people moving. People who have tried her programs swear by them. Many have lost weight and started moving more and eating better. She may not have gotten everything right, but she has gotten some things smack on the dot. Yet through all the hate she gets, she continues to create content.

That's what you should be doing instead of judging people from behind your screens. You want to create change, create an impact, then you need to create content. Teach people how to do certain movements. Inspire people to eat right. Guide people on their journey to be fitter and be better. Tell people what they need to know and not what you think they should know.

3. Reach Out Not Take Out

Do you know what I wish NK would have done? Drop Chloe a message and ask for an opportunity to do a collab. What a huge impact that would have been and would have done. If you're an expert in an area, and you see someone not doing the right thing, reach out. Help the other party improve. Not only does that improve your authority, but it also makes the world a better place. It becomes a win-win for everyone. It'll be the best crossover episode since Arrowverse.