More Doesn't Always Equate To Good

More Doesn't Always Equate To Good

I had a member who went back to the office after my circuit class only to return an hour later to join my Hardcore Overload. I asked her why. Her reply was that she wanted to get back to her fitness level before Covid. I told her that in my professional opinion that wasn’t a good idea. You cannot regain your fitness that way.

Attending two high intensity classes in a day, and even worse, in such a short span of two hours, is silly. The overload (pun intended) from the two classes is possibly more detrimental than helping to her fitness level. More doesn’t always equate to good.

When you overstress your system, you lower your immune system so much it’ll be difficult for your body to fight off any diseases. At a time like this, you really need to be keeping your immune system in tip top condition.

When you under recover, your poor muscles don’t have time to repair itself. You won’t get stronger. You won’t feel better. You won’t be healthier. You raise the risk of getting injured as your muscles cannot function 100%. Your focus will also not be 100%. Makes it very easy for you to miss a step or hyperextend because you just couldn’t control your body.

Here’s a fun fact. The longer your workout, the more your body switches the calories from carbohydrates, protein and fats to muscles as part of the fuel it needs to enable you to move. The hard earned muscles that you built previously are burning away as fuel. Lesser muscles = lower basal metabolic rate = lower calories burnt in a day.

Like I wrote the other day, people need to look at fitness in terms of years not days. Plan your workouts wisely so you can enjoy your upcoming years. Don’t end up regretting for the rest of your days.