3 Ways To Step Up And Step Out In A Post Covid World

3 Ways To Step Up And Step Out In A Post Covid World

Covid-19 restricted movement orders are coming to an end all around the world. Just this week, Australia and Malaysia announced that they will be reopening their gyms to the sigh of relief from fitness instructors in their respective countries. This means that we can all head back into the gyms and earn our commissions. Back to the nitty gritty of lifting weights and training our clients.

But now that you've had a taste of teaching online classes and tapping into the $100 billion fitness industry pie, do you think teaching a class online once or twice a week can be an alternative source of income for you? If Covid-19 taught us anything anything, it would be that the industry pie is up for grabs by anyone who dares to step up and step out. 

1. Grow Your Personal Brand

What do these 3 things have in common? A website. An email address. A social media account. That's right. They are all part of your personal branding. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of creating and growing your own personal brand outside of your work place. Why? What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. No matter how great you are in your gym, everything stays within your gym. No one out there will know who you are or what amazing things you can do to help others.

Growing your personal brand increases your outreach by many folds. Your perceived value increases which makes you stand out more. When you stand out more, you attract more opportunities. When more opportunities are offered to you, that means more opportunities for financial success and freedom. 

2. Grow Your Audience

Your regular cliental for your weekly Zoom classes may stop their time online and head back into the studios with you instead. You may also need to reschedule your Zoom classes with the opening of the gyms since you will be traveling and teaching. The loss of online cliental means you'll want to expand your outreach and get new clients to attend your online training. How do you do that? Well, grow your personal brand.

Create how-to videos. Get some testimonials from your current clients and use them as social proof. Get referrals. Create some graphics for social media to promote your classes. Teach a couple of free online classes. Start a YouTube channel. Join Facebook groups of the same interest and help the members there. There are a thousand and one ways to grow your audience, but it will take some time and effort on your part.

3. Grow Your Knowledge

If you're gonna continue teaching online classes, then first thing you will want to do is to switch your mindset to business mode. You already have the fitness knowledge in place, now is the time to grow your business and marketing knowledge. What tools will you need? What will be your marketing strategy? What courses can you invest to up your knowledge? What hardware can you upgrade to make your online classes more sleek? Expanding your knowledge is part of the evolution to take you to the next level.