Start With 3 To Not Get Busy

Start With 3 To Not Get Busy

Now that you've considered what sort of content you'll want to create, where should you host and post these content to? If you have an entourage of 15 people to help you, then I'd say all available platforms would be the way to go, but let's face it, we are an office of 1. So how now brown cow?

Fret not, Daisy!

To make things manageable and without having to spend too much time, look to 3 different platforms:

1. Website

Your website will enable you to embed all your content. This is your home base. So if people don't see it in your choice of social media platform, they can easily go to your website and see all the information there.

Couldn't they simply go to my Facebook Page instead?

They could, but the information could be buried so far down that it becomes a hassle for them to find. You'll want to make it convenient for people to get information fast.

2. ONE Social Media Platform

Your choice of social media platform really depends on your target audience. If you're looking at targeting the younger crowd, you'll be looking at posting content to Instagram and TikTok. If you're looking to target the middle age crowd, it'd be YouTube and Facebook.

Choose just 1 social media platform to post your content and grow your number of followers.

If you are going to do 2 different social media platforms, then do note that the content that you put out should be platform specific. Which means you shouldn't post the same things in Facebook and Instagram. Style and kind of content must stay relevant to the platform itself. More work there, which is why I'd suggest just starting with one.

3. Communications

Either start an email list or a telegram broadcast channel. What you want to do is to broadcast to your list whenever you post new content, this generates the traffic required for content monetisation. The larger the list, the better. You can grow your list by inviting followers to provide you with their email address, or easily click on a button to subscribe to your telegram channel.

By doing this you bypass the social media algorithms that work against you. Same thing, as a starter, choose one that works best for you now.