Stop Hating On Free Classes!

Stop Hating On Free Classes!


There's been a recent surge of unhappiness within the fitness community regarding instructors teaching free workouts online and thus diminishing the prospects of people paying for online classes. Though free online classes have been available since the start of the YouTube generation, it has never really impacted the fitness community more than it does now, thanks to Covid-19.

With gyms and fitness corners closed, instructors have had to shift their classes online, only to realise they now have to shout to be heard in this overcrowded space. What is irritating them even further is to see so many instructors offering their classes for free, thus cutting away a piece of their pie.


Of course you should be. But things run very differently online, as compared to you teaching at a fitness facility or on a one to one basis. Most of these instructors you see teaching for "free", are raking in bucks via other ways. This is what we call "Content Monetisation."

These instructors are playing the long game. They teach for free; they grow their following; they generate their income via ads or paid sponsorships. They can branch off to be influencers as a side gig, and also teach special paid classes to followers who want a different and more personal experience with their instructor. These instructors move on further to create online courses and webinars to generate even more income. This is how some of them can rake in up to 6 figures a month. It is a lot of hard work though. A lot, a lot of hard work. So don't discount them.

What you see as a "free class" isn't it. It is the start of a whole sales funnel that you won't notice until you look through the whole game plan. Plus, these instructors have moved on from local to global. You can localise your content, but you have a global audience to tap on. Why waste that opportunity? Those instructors teaching "free classes" sure ain't. And the fact is, you can too, once you have your game plan.

Covid-19 has thrown many fitness professionals into a loopy loop, but there are many ways for you to generate income online if you are willing to create good content and share it. No drama needed. Just pure hard work.