3 Heads Are Better Than 1

3 Heads Are Better Than 1

"I don't have the time to constantly put out content in a week."

"I don't have enough followers to grow a channel."

"I know what I want to do, but I don't think I can do it alone."

From fear to time to content creation, I've heard from many of you why you've not started going online. I do not disagree that going online solo is tough. You have to create your content, market your content and continuously engage with your consumers. The amount of work that goes into a single day can be terrifying for some. And if you want to grow a channel, you need to multiply that amount of work to double or triple, depending on how many days you'd like to push out your content.

There's never been a hard and fast rule that you need to do this solo. I mean, if you can do it solo, that's great. But if you fear going at it alone, why not get a few like minded people, put your brains and muscles together, and make it work for all of you. Here's why:

1. More Content

Time is always a factor when it comes to content creation. The amount of prep work at times can take days just a single post. The good news is that with a team, you won't need to worry about creating that much content. In fact, it pulls you back to creating just for a single day, leaving all the other days free for you to do whatever you'd like. Each team member (depending on the size of your team) can be responsible for a day of the week. You can do Monday, Wednesday and Friday if there's 3 of you. Or Monday to Friday if there's 5 of you. All up to you on how you'd like to split it.

2. More Variety

Every person within the team will bring something different to the table. Even if all of you teach Yoga, you'd all be teaching a different style of Yoga, or your own style if it so happens all of you came out from the same school. Having variety will attract more people to look at your channel. People will get to try other things, and psychologically speaking, people always like having the option of trying other things.

3. More Value

Now imagine a team with 5 experts in different fields. One is good at yoga, one is good at HIIT, one is good at dance, one is good at kickboxing, etc. They'll have their own crowd, but when you pull them all into one channel, it consolidates everyone's following and that can be massive. The value of the channel multiplies beyond five fold because of what each expert brings.

With that increase in perceived value, think of how much people would be willing to pay and how many more people would be willing to pay. Why would I want to pay $40 a month for one instructor when I can pay $40 a month for 5? Now, multiply that by the number of people who would think the same and divide that by 5. You will probably end up earning more than alone, only because having variety is a value added service. That makes people feel better about themselves when they spend money on you.