Changing Someone's Opinion Is Close To Impossible

Changing Someone's Opinion Is Close To Impossible

Another week, another fitness trainer trying to "debunk" some very outdated research material and claiming so many things when he doesn't do the program. Very much like Chin Nian Kang aka dinokang, whom I briefly mentioned in my previous post (If You Have Time To Hate, You Have Time To Create), this trainer, whom I shall not even bother to give a follow link says "It’s about educating members to make their own best decisions." His words, not mine. Very magnanimous, I say. #slowclap. Please. Tell. Me. More. Said no one ever.

When you write a 12 minute article filled with outdated research and very little relevance, you're like that parent holding a spoonful of vegetables asking your kid to eat up, saying "this is good for you!" Kid refuses. You stuff the spoon into your kid's mouth and everything gets regurgitated. You cannot force information unto someone who doesn't want to listen. You cannot change anyone's opinion. This is not how most humans think or react. There would have been a sea of blue (or red) at the recent US Presidential Elections if that be so. Changing someone's opinion is close to impossible. 

So what can you do if you want to "educate" people? 

Start Sharing Stories (Why)

Maybe, stop educating. Unless you are talking to scientists or math nerds, presenting research is a really bad idea. When people have less than the attention span of a goldfish (goldfish: 9 seconds, humans: 8 seconds), giving them so much information doesn't do them anything. Unless you're going for: if you can't convince them, confuse them. That'll definitely work.

Share stories. Tell your readers about how a client had scapula issues and got better by trying out a certain mobility exercise that you taught. People connect better with stories. Possibly because we are all innately kaypoh. From the times of the cavemen to present times, stories form a huge part of our learning. So tell stories. Don't talk about numbers.

Give Them Something Of Value (How)

Nothing to do with numbers. Nothing to do with what YOU think is of value. This has EVERYTHING to do with what will benefit your readers. It has to be something that solves their pain point. Staying with the scapula issues, teach your readers some mobility exercises they can do on their own.

You can also add value by teaching them how to move better, or what exercises they can do outside of their favorite group exercise program to help them achieve better results. 

Have A Call To Action (What)

When people find what you say works, they are then more inclined to listen to you. When that happens, you've built credibility. That doesn't mean you go and stuff the spoonful of vegetables down their throats. They'll leave faster than you can say your first name. What you do is to tell them, "if you want to learn more, come find me and I'll continue to add value to your workouts and fitness."

You can not like a program. That is your personal preference. You want to make a difference, and I can tell you, you can create content that can shift people's perceptions without changing their opinions or find your writing too jarring. There are more ways than one to skin a cat. Ways that can generate more ROI for you than having you spend time trying to explain yourself or be hated by a certain group of people. Skip anything controversial. Don't be part of the 48 hour news cycle. Create content that makes a difference, that builds people. That's how you build your credibility and leave your legacy behind.